The Night Sky Pt:12 – Things Everlasting

Standing indefinite in this parallel perception inverted for a moment
Lies a fragile memory acting as a paradigm prioritizing an unforgettable paradox
Which, is infinitely a sentiment of equilibrium innately caressing my cerebellum…
But, whatever may come of my fragmented mind an angelic notion will transcend time

One harboring the attributes of things everlasting, compelling these vital shadows of mine
Yet, causing me to become disoriented for as I loved, I also lost her love with my pride
Thus, astray I sway between dreams and actually…reality and illusion; Delusion
The vanity of my sanity fell towards a boundless retribution tied this broken world

As occasionally I spoke to her without her being here
And when life granted fatigue we laid together…However,
I awoke only to a sense of despair for honestly she was never there
Unfortunately, I can no longer find that draw line which parts the factual and the fable…

(….Yes, my love I will see you soon …Yes, my dear I will love you forever as I promised…)

Forgive me, I seem to be slipping once again
I would guess that I am effected heavily by these enchanting emotion,
And daydreams quoting her questions regarding my proclaimed unforsaken vows
So, allow me this clemency
As I indulge myself with images belonging to the past or to those mistaken present novelties

Also, let me look foolishly at this angel that I remember from a time ago
Watch as I whisper at the wind, and with the wind; for I truly believe she is right beside me
More so, give me the chance to feel somewhat sensible
Even if, this opportunity that I reach so frantically for fades in the end as she does

Because, what was became all to lucid as those stars crossed the night sky
Still, nocturnal to it all, I blindly walk only where my heart echoes, thereby
Tragedy may hope to follow and I may display simply a sad portfolio…nonetheless
In spite of this, as deranged as I know I am, I will know that some things are in fact made real

…Like these flashbacks that keep reoccurring…

(Man: If I follow
– Woman (whispering): Then you will lead
Man: And I will love you forever
– Woman (whispering): And ever it seems.)

Like these visions of paradise
In my subconsciousness always painted as a beautiful portrait unyielding and perpetually rare

~ Ren’ee Verona – Paradise’s Poet ~

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