The Shadow of Elegance

I can see her in my dreams
Beyond the clouded doubt that sustains as the nebula
Measured within the undead thoughts once vital
And wedded to the ebb tides of my joy

Arcane with magic that brims off her lips
I could forever be spellbound to her words
Moreover enchanted by the sounds of her subtle voice
That has been blessed with a noble state held by a beloved serenity

Who is this woman that brings peace to my nightmare?

Who is she that cradles the demon in my mind
The vivified image that I observe,
As I hope to feel some sort affection again

A delusion perhaps…but heaven’s hell all the same…
One lost to a virtue infatuated towards grace;
Which only a loving God could conceive…The beautiful punishment
That leaves me yearning for something more than what I can see

Possibly this illusion will someday manifest itself among men
Allow me, to no longer write unto these dreams, my fantasies
Thus a lady flawed with an otherworldly charm will breathe life into these poems
Which I create as I drown myself in my own madness

If ever the case, whomever you are…my daunting shadow of elegance

Look for me where the planets sit in orbit of the sun
Where comets paint pictures as they outline the stars
There will I wander beside the gravitons of gravity
Flowing with the light particles that will illuminate the sky

…As then in time I shall confess my love for thee

~ Paradise’s Poet ~