The Strings Of Misery

Here I am again at this door… This accursed door that only bare markings of vanity
It leads to nowhere, but if open my madness pours out, and I am left dreaming
Clinging hopelessly onto these nightmares screaming within me

Today of all day a white fowl defiled the sky allowing me to be lost in its wonder
Thus, I forfeited my consciousness to the past thoughts of an angel that haunted me ever so
Logically, she was the reason why I carried these somewhat heavy, but insignificant woes
That calibrated this delirium
Which drifted with a fifth dimensional curve into my cerebral twilight zone

Imagine if you will the compulsive pulsing fluctuation of realty
An illusion acute in form, yet indignant to the possibilities belonging to love
Many times have I dared to endure the siphoning sight threading my insanity
Causing me to remain as he who is forever strangled by these bejeweled obscurities

The rarity of paradise trailing vividly due to a sinner’s iniquities
I would call it all simply bigotry
Seamlessly, she whispered I tend to always miss understand the formalities of the word we
A selfish man I guess I was made out to be,
But, if I was anything other than myself would she have ever loved me…Perhaps

Although, therein lies our affection’s fatal complexity…

Thee overlapping fear tied to tomorrows that echo with yesterday’s fading beauty
Still, for some purpose this impression is everlasting, captivating with a compelling agony

I ask
Wherefore are these notions that brim from the wings of those elegant, immaculate doves
Whose benevolent presence can send a man back into an isolated primal state
One that seems to be fulfilled with the euphoria of his own self-induced torment

Tell me, a story that varies in virtue as well as validity
As I lose my self to these precise memories
Painted as something so beloved, something all to unforgettable for a shameful soul like me
To know of her love, nothing ever came close to being so sweet

…Therefore, This requiem plays on the frantic strings tainted deeply with my misery…

~ Paradise’s Poet ~