The Thorns Of My Perception

A wildflower bound to the force of nature 

You are the lily that blooms in the spring 
And the one that lays in a bed of thorns
A rose that is crescent to the full white moon 
Your scarlet petals that stem in the night has become 
A crimson beacon of inferno lust 
Therefore, Idol I am to your elegance 
And to your violet essence that showers in the rain.
For the irises of my eyes that stare 
Are insnared within the sight of a blooming Iris
Without hesitation I only cultivate to that which flourishes
So that I may elevate pass these seeds of doubt 
And within my hands may I sprout a flower 
That could be admired throughout the world 
Yet, as I sit in these thorns I agonize at an unfulfilled perception of beauty 
Where is my formosa flora of inspiration 
Where is my inflorescent glimpse of perfection to whom I may immortalize.
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~