The Twilight Of Paradise

Looking pass that which was once felt 
I can see the stars for what they really are 
And for what they were really meant to be
Yet I am still left scorn by the holy fire 
That I so naively tried to hold 
But this pain is one of joy 
For it allows them to remain as a guiding light to a macrocosmic heaven 
And with this fortunate twist of fate
I walk blindly bound to these celestial entities 
Because therein is where my heart will always lie
Call it the work of God 
Or the misguided footsteps of a fool 
Either way I lack nothing less than the weight
Of my own unknown destiny 
For weary and lo is this 
Stead fast peerless stargaze
That is an everlasting universal wonder 
Thus without dismay 
Has it developed into something that I can cherish  
And something I can strive to ensue
For if no one else shines,
And the world is covered in darkness 
The light that I adore will echo within
While becoming exposed to the vivified vale that we stand upon
Whispering these words 
You will be a beacon of immortality 

In the minds of all those searching for the twilight of paradise 
And although I do not seek this so-called immortality I do, 
However wish for this dawn to emanate itself in the souls of all man
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~