The Unforgiven

Face the wind, 
And let the breeze carry
Your soul to a state of calmness.
For the truth lies in the air,
And what some call justice 
Is only a safe haven for evil men. 
I no longer care for the ways of the world.
For in my eyes we all live in a steel tempest, 
And the pain cuts like a sweeping blade. 
So, I will wander this wind wall of a land relentlessly.
As the sounds of a warrior’s flute 
Guide the memories of my honor.
And with my last breath;
I will drink under the moonlight for my fallen brother. 
As I bury you under the rising sun.
For I realized there is only death, 
And the story of a sword is inked in blood.  
So label me 
The Unforgiven, 
Because all I have left is the wind by my side.

– Yasuo –

~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~

The Character “Yasuo” is from a game called League of Legends. I did NOT create him.