The Vayne of Demacia

I am the night hunter 
That passes judgment to those that lingers in the dark 
For I bring swift death 
By cleaning their blood with my silver 

They will be purified by the element of the moon 
and I will release them from their pain 

So no more will I hear the innocent cry out
For I tumble on the wings of night 
Condemning those that smell of black magics

You impure fools
That have fallen to darkness

I have become the shadows that are not to be feared
But the darkness shall fear me 
For in the dark all is laid bare 
While evil lurks around every corner

The die is cast….

And the final hour purges with silver
Therefore I have no time for nonsense 
For time is for reckoning.

~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~

The Character ” Vayne” is from a game called League of Legends