The Versification Of Valentine

My dear there is no sight on this side of the moon
None, but the vision of your image
And if one was to call you beautiful
I doubt that they could capture the entire etiquette of your grace
…. Well no one, but I
For within my eyes
Vivified views scented with the essence of life
Would dance upon the sacred visage that is you….
You that have been intergraded with a virtuous nebula of stardust
That falls and trails in the perfect precious footsteps
That you have left behind within these white sands
Because, such is the ways of a lunar goddess
To steal even the heart of Saint Valentine
And in time would you come to control the tides of my love
So, to you
A perception of pure elegance
That is refined in the art of charming
Those that would be foolish enough to stare
Are these words that I whisper
As an attempt to enchant the holy mother of Eros
And with my versification do I
Aim to mimic cupid’s unlawful seductive arrows
Together, as we shall be, will I pierce the night sky
May I become the muse of your divine affection
For such are you to mine
Likewise are the petals
That bloom from the core of a delicate rose
Yet, just a rose
That would only be envious to sight of your unparalleled beauty

~ Paradise’s Poet ~