The Vilgilant Heretic

The title of heretic may fall upon them that lives unorthodox
To the conventional cultural ways of society’s tedious affairs
For as the protagonist of one’s own story
The person deemed as the holder of heresy
Will not willful sit idly by
As their world is consumed by the eradicating hands of time
Because we the vigilant
Cannot and will not leave our unspoken destiny to fate
Considering the fact that we are untamed
And looking up at heaven…. kneeling as fortune’s fools
To us is ungodly
Yet this is not a remark of pride or ego
For those things are vain, and are only illusions for devilish hearted fiends
You see we stand to do good
Even if the world see us as demons, and unholy martyrs
We march in this hell as messengers of peace
Untouched by the prime evil known as fear
But speaking for myself
There is only one path that I know
And this path is sacred
For not many people can endure such torment
That lies along this purifying trail that is haboured in mystery
A trail that only my heart knowns the hidden ways of
Yet, my question to you
Is where does your heart leading you?
Because, only you know the whispers of your inner self.

And only you know the path that the universe has for you.
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~