The Virtuous Act Of Remorse

The prophecies of the apocalypse lingers in the eyes of the prophet. 

For brimstone will pollute the earth, 
While the son of god will turn the other cheek 
To the crusade of the four horsemen 
He will blind himself with only the images of heaven.
Hell will raise, 
And chaos will reign. 
Can you not see the pain that will fall upon man?
For we are destine to an ocean of tears, 
And agonizing screams that will last throughout the night 
Blessed is he that can see the shadows of our father. 
For though the revelation of the seven seals and seven stars
May consume his sight 
The scarce vanity in his heart will save his soul,
While he bears the mark of lords covenant upon his skin.
He is a sinner 
Searching for repentance and redemption. 
Not because he fears losing his soul,
But because it is what’s right within his heart.
He knows remorse will not acquit a damned one
Yet, virtuous acts of selflessness will bring one peace. 
Even if his fate is bound to the pits of hell.
A smile will be given 
For the torment will not scar his heart.
~ Tony Paradise Poet ~