The Whispers Of Thunder

I am nothing more than a spirit 
Lost in a celestial dream 
Bound to this unknown world that I have come to know
And with this life I have seen the pain of its history 
As well as the joy of its people 
But in the spectrum of my mind’s eye
Lies a tale belonging to the will of a preordain event 
That ripples with the ebb and flow of an age
Thus I struggle with the question
Of if I should watch as I do the majestic stars that fade with life
Or do I follow the echo that whispers a story that holds my destiny
You see to be honest
I feel that I am chained to that which is inevitable 
Moreover, the thought of death is starting to seems all to liberating   
Yet as of now I will shift with the winds as they come to control the sands of time
For together will we inscribe a chronicle so epic
That in turn, the hour at hand will smite with a force that sounds of thunder
And a new found eternity will ensue the heart of Kronos 
Such an era should never be lost 

~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~