Tiger Lilies And FireFlies

Let me show you how I see the world
Follow my words as we journey through
The perception that is mine

Take now the view of a man
That falls in love with angels and befriends demons
A lost soul that finds beauty a common commodity
Yet even though it sits in abundances
I am still entranced by the wonders and by the mysteries
Of how such a thing can be such

Look into my eyes
To see the universe bloom from the virtual particles
That bridges all of reality with the weight of one’s own consciousness
As the temple marked as a covenant

A heart left to purify the seven seas personified in a God-like essence so innocent

Bella Bella
My vision is tainted to an unknown tattooed flower
That appears as petals of affection that falls from the tiger lilies lips
Therefore with each moment, time, becomes more and more enchanting

So watch the night sky with me
To see the sight of exploding stars in the twilight
Which will make the horizon remains visible,
Remarkably as the lingering flames come to find their way

An outlook some would say is full of hope and passion
Although what is the cosmos without
How could those angels that I spoke before be so radiant
And why would those demons ever ask for a friend

Mi Amor,
I live in the history and in the future of love
Yet as of now I wait for it
Maybe if I was surrounded by fireflies would I then perceive signs bestowed by God
Perhaps then I wouldn’t waste these hours given on pointless one sided words

However I endure the persist attitude of optimism
A foolish trait I have come to enjoy.
But By chance could this change in my own nature be the insignia
Symbolizing what I was always meant to see

~ Paradise Poet ~