To Marvel At A Dream

I marvel at the universal scale
Plated empty the vastness of space and how fragile it all really is
The planets and suns…moons and of course the stars
All dancing on these subatomic quivering quantum strings

Those that are made to be incomprehensible to the common man
For the multitude of atoms that make up this galaxy and my body
Seems to fall at a sight beaming with particles
Playing the sweet melody which sings an ongoing encore vividly versifying the word

… Fibonacci…Fibonacci is the name, although to what means…

Many times have I counted these seconds that refuse to end
Furthermore, have I countless-ly written these words paying homage to the sky
Yet, only in this life have I been denied the secrets to that procedural heaven

At least… at least that is what I can come to remember but, perhaps it’s all just lies

Therefore, sleep a while longer in your ignorance
Enjoy the bliss of not knowing what is unknown
Leave my riddles as they are, and avoid the void for some time; maybe even a lifetime
To take hold of a gift mistaken as a common commodity among commoners

As higher dimensions dressed in platinum to praise a higher conscious being

In your heart purity still lies true and bold
In your soul the rarity of paradise is gold
Thereby in this world is a virtual dream
So, alone in that realm is this perception that you call reality and…

And, I marvel at your creation… I marvel at the scale of what it all came to be

~ Paradise’s Poet ~