To The Woman I have Not Yet Loved – Ellipsis

It is the universe that will be trapped within your eyes
And I will be there to witness and to adorn 
The revelation of my escaping heart 
For beauty shall rest upon your face 
And upon your lips shall the tinder whispers of love lay
Within scene 
The wind will dance around you 
As an attempt to guide you 
To the rhythm of the heavenly silent hymn that plays
As we both become lost to each others aspiring muse
And in that moment that is unwritten by destiny 
Will fate collapse the gravity 
That lingers in the space between us
For perpetually are we tied 
Through time 
As soulmates unbound 
Intertwining throughout a cluster of stars
That will never fade…
I know this day will come 
Because, we have relived this day many times within our past lives
And, as a keeper of your sacred image, I await patiently for this day
This day which is everlasting within our minds
So to you 
The woman to whom of which
I have not yet met in this life
As always my love

                                        ~ Paradise’s Poet ~