To Whom I Adore

She is a black gem 
That harbors the pearls of life
She comes when she is needed
And takes what is not 
For eternity she receives hatred from the living
But in the eyes of those that are fading 
She is a loving messenger of peace
Strong men that stands on the hills of war
Lust for her 
And adorn themselves to meet her
For with a sinister smile they run to her
But with the love of their unfulfilled lives 
She forsaken them
She is cursed with a misunderstood 
Gift of mercy
But I adore her and find her beautiful 
Yet, to show kindness 
I will wait for her 
And I will not rush to meet  this goddess
For her presences should never be called upon prematurely 
Because her name is that of a gentle Death.
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~