Tyrael’s Totality

T’was time
To tread towards the trinkets that trembled twining two temporal temples
Twisted three times thee tangled twin tides teeming
Tedious tendencies testifying tomorrow’s tied turbulence

Tectonic trigonometry tricked the tantalizing trinity
Thereby tribal tranny tore tranquility
Tempting temptation tatted tiles together to torment thus treachery

Tactless teaching
Tell tales truly their theories tilted though thunder
Timelessly trampled, trapped, then teased
Till the tiller toll the transcended triplets too…

This titan took terrible texture to
The technique tap tragically touching the tearful talent
Thereof tattooed tendons thoughtfully threatening thy tranced twilight
Theatrical the thought thumbing terror tightly they think

Tweet twice traumatized talking tyrants taking trouble to torture totality

Therein teeters the trifecta
These tainted teal talismen telepathically tailgating the triforce tailored tome
Theologic to the torrent truth
That toxic tips transfixed tulips typical trifling thorns

Triumphantly tame thou throne to transmute treason,
Tarnishing the talons trademarked tenderly thereupon those thieves

~ Paradise’s Poet ~