Unknown Nova

A sacred cataclysm of stellar beauty
Is unified in this hall of symbolism
As the unpinned nature of a majestic bloom
Sit in the rather strange physics of the unknown

Much like my reason for admiring you

For trapped within a cycle
In wedlock imbued to infinity
An aesthetic mystery produces an age of astonishment
From the black holes of our universe

Yet prior to the dense revolution of the void
The light of a super nova rippled 
Throughout the edges of space and time

As you have as the radiant star within my life

Therefore, This act has lead me to ask,
Who is to say that this procedural chaos will last
As the humble mechanics belonging to the process of our cosmic order

Moreover if it did not sustain 
What ambient hue would form from 
The broken government tied to such a mess

I for one pray that it’s a tone of love
One that is everlasting and undeniable
Bound to nothing as well as vast in charm

Thus, an equal model image counterfeited
From your elegant essence
Paralleled to a sweet depiction of the awakening dawn
To be absolutely as captivating as you are
My living unknown nova

~ Paradise’s Poet ~