Useless Sanity

5 thoughts on “Useless Sanity

  1. Normal…that concept has always been paradoxical, for me…what is normal…and I'm with you…I value authentic originality. Thought-provoking poem…thank you!

  2. Back in the day, there was a common bumper sticker, often displayed by members of the counter culture – Why be norml? Indeed. Very interesting and thought inducing. aka Kanzensakura

  3. “Funny is the idea to value a common norm
    More so than that of rarity”

    Yes! You make a very sane, though unfortunately unorthodox, point 😉 Viktor Frankl writes about how an abnormal reaction to abnormal situations is NORMAL….well, what is more of an abnormal situation than life??

  4. Normality is by definition relative.. So why do we care so much..

    By the way – it would be nice to see you comment on some of the other poets linking up,

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