Useless Sanity

I have no notion to reconcile this useless thought of sanity 
For I have stood at the edges stability 
And with reason I have dive into my own frantic madness 
As it maybe to some
I am no more than a phantom of my former self
Therefore with this ghostly enigma that I am 
I seek the forgotten and seemingly forbidden virtues of man 
Ushering myself toward a holy creed bestowed within my heart 
And imbued inside my affectionate soul 
That which has been buried within a overdosing pool of passion 
So much so 
That it appears foreign to this world 
Allowing the title of lunatic to trail and to follow my name 
Although I advocate the good will of all men 
The basic ways of thinking is all to conventional 
For this my mind has strayed away from such manners 
As a result I ask that you may label me as one that is unorthodox 
For what is a person without originality 
To my knowledge they would be an individual that is nothing but sane
Funny is the idea to value a common norm 
More so than that of rarity 
…And I do speak of all things that are rare and unique, such as you.
Yet, all the same
Senseless is this overviewed societal fashion
An anomaly well thought out by the puppet masters and the soul seekers 
What dull mayhem may devour this world 

I pray that I am already dead, so that i do not die from such boredom
~ Paradise’s Poet ~