It would seem that my only purpose in life 
Was to be nothing more than a weapon
To the cause belong to other men, my emotions
And the broken dogma of unknown Gods
Still blindly with an over zealous heart I accepted this burden 
While with an ill prepared mind
I soon came to understand the weight of the growing sins
That are now perpetually mine
For in the grips of battle and war
Men strive to become demons and untamed beasts that feed upon the weak;
In hopes that they may elevate themselves beyond that 
Of their own fleeting mortality 
But in the depths of my soul I held an inquisition 
And in time I abandon the ideals of mercilessness
Causing the razor sharp blade that I once was to become flat and almost dull
Thus now as a wandering soul
I did not wish to add to this age of carnage 
Because any demon or beast that stands before me
I know in his heart he is still a man 
No matter how heartless he may attempt to seem 
One that was just like me 
An eager boy determined to prove his worth 
Of what little that he had to others
Therefore with these unfading scars
I instill and embody the lessons of my youth
Traveling as a renewed weapon of peace 
That was forged with the dark flames of my agonizing past
This repentance more so of an atonement is not to save my soul
But to hold the hopes that promises a better tomorrow
For you see
I have always been a weapon, so this life has never really been mine to claim
Yet now I risk my mind and my body as a blade that will never cut
As a manifestation to the idea of a sword that only serves to protect
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~