I have a deep hatred for my own kind
We speak of love and peace
Yet we dance with devils
And smile in the faces of demon 
It’s no wonder why God has forsaken us
For the temple of lord is in the heart of man 
But the souls of men lie corrupted 
With Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Laziness, Envy, 
And a blinding pride 
That spreads like a disease 
Killing the spirit
That was once as sacred as our deluded Humanity 
Blasphemy is all that we know now
And the tragic comedy of our daily lives
Is not so funny any more
Its pathetic and pitiful
We condemn ourselves long ago
Yet now we strive for revolution 
But, what is revolution if we can not revolt against 
Our own evil ambitions 
Vanity is a word I use often to describe the ways of the world
But it would seem I am the one that has become… vain.
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~