White Willows And Black Diamonds

An envisionment torn of promises be stills all
As I am curious to inquire our thoughts towards these feeble lies
Those painted with colors of the shifting seasons
And the primordial phenomenon belonging to a sacred sky

Notably a fabricated tale of a three dimensional coded canvas
One bound and broken by the algorithms
Instilled within the alchemistic geometric mind

Therefore what life do we crave if only to die…

For forevermore
Are these undying souls embodied unto the shells of man
Shells known as the shackles that shamed so swiftly onto the spirit
But always do they appear to crumble


Woe and weeping be falls
The accumulated grains of stardust
Those who have forgotten their majestic place among the heavens
As well as the noble light that they will always carry

Because, It’s a tragedy to see that only fools are fated 
To suffer the aeons of reincarnation 
With a grim twist of only returning to this world 

Yet, I am perhaps one of the greatest fools agonizing among this equinox

And although,
This balanced cycle will come to its inevitable end 
I shall strive never to miss an eclipsing sun 

In saying that
I bare no sadness to an illusion
But, it may in part remain as a cherished dream
That I will not soon forget

As white willows lie among the desert’s sand
And as black diamonds are lost to an echoing cry
I so remain a vessel forever divided, however there are no crimson tears 
There is only a fragile blue smile…

~ Paradise’s Poet ~