Like a poltergeist these beloved memories do haunt me ever so
But, I do not care
For they remind me dearly of memoirs tainted deeply by your benevolent face

And from a dark place I have watched as cherry blossoms bloomed
Thus before my eyes stood you
Allowing the obscurities that of an ebony to dissipate from a tattered fool…although…

…It’s a dream that echoes within this limbo…

How could I have been so cruel
Forsaking such a flower in my adolescent hours… again I will say you look upon a fool
Broken and jaded, jagged and bejeweled with a sense of agony, such savagery
The brutally that I have caused upon my soul cripples a heart that still holds you so dear

Therefore, peer beyond this hell that I now stand in
And you will find a man seeking a self righteous redemption
As repentance is a trait that he is not to fond of, but will baptize himself in,
If only to see you smile until the end, thus and then will paradise only begin…there…

…This limbo within a dream that echoes …

Cherry blossoms bloomed but, before my eyes you disappeared
A tattered fool stood in awe as the obscurities of ebony loomed ever so close

As follows, unto a dark place I slept away
Tainting my memories deeply with your dearly, beloved, and benevolent face
Thusly, reminding me of the memoirs I cared for, a poltergeist haunting me …like…
These echoes within a limbo that maybe my everlasting dream

I have seen cherry blossoms bloom a thousand times images of you
A thousand times have I seen these flowers bloom within my mind…My Yachiru…

~ Paradise’s Poet ~

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