The Lily of Desire

Who can deny your beauty?
For you are the dawn that lingers in the twilight .
Eternally a sight of awe.
You have been blessed with eyes to rule a king.
The gravity of your wonder could allure any man, 
And the holy nature that stems from your heart 
Could stop even the angels from falling. 
My Queen. 
For you are the lily 
That blooms in a bed of roses,
And the entity that is you shall be one with the stars.
You shall illuminate the universe as an echoing light.
Bound forever as a sparkle in the eyes of God.
You are the manifestation of desire
For all the cosmos to adore.
Never have I been fortunate enough
To stand in the presence of something so divine.
For you my unspoken love
Are nothing less than a gift from God.
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~

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