Pieces Of Paradise

Pieces of paradise 
Can be found along this path,
And simple acts become sacred 
To them that finds them holy.

Maybe life isn’t all sunshines and rainbows,
But having life itself; is a reason enough to smile.
For with that thought, 
Everyday, one can live in happiness.
Even when dealing with sorrow.

Because sometimes we have to live for others,
And show strength. 
Although we ourselves; 
Feel that we lack the will to continue. 

But pieces of paradise 
Can be found along this path, 
And sometimes simple things
Can breathe new life into a person’s spirit.

For sadness will come, 
And pain is inevitable;
Yet something like an unexpected smile
Can be as bright as the sun.

Becoming a sight of paradise in one’s eyes,
And an act of valor it would seem.
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~

Art from: http://sxeven.deviantart.com/art/That-Sunshine-Smile-292611292


  1. Tony, you have beautiful way with words and feelings and a great expression in thoughts. You paint pictures for the reader to see and share. Thank you. Your writing stirs something inside my heart.


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