The Shrewdness Of My Desires

What says you
To the reflection of the stars,
And that of your own affections
That blooms in the spring
And of your bosom
For there lies your heart
A jewel that I wish to claim for my own
For you see
I am a man that drowns
In the fancy estate of ones company,
And your company is far more pleasant
Than that of a queens.
Should I be cased out of heaven
For the shrewdness of my desires
May my everlasting curse
Be one where I lie within your arms;
Even if I may lie in the pits of hell.
I would hold myself as a sacrifice unto god;
If there were an angel
That could match your radiance.
But, I know there is not,
For if god created another creature
As beautiful as you
It would be a sin.
And the father himself would be guilty
Of lusting after your own image.

~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~


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