Pure Imagination

Imagination sits on the edge of freedom
That lies within an ocean of dreams
And is blessed by the echoing sounds of glistening stars
Tears of joy
That falls from the eyes of angels
Hold the magic of unbroken fantasies
Bestowing believers with the vision of untainted pearls
Yet, they care not of the riches that they may claim
Only of the sight of what it and what is to be
Can you see that
Dreams are just realities that have not yet happen
Because all things can be viewed as probable
For not even nothing
Cannot understand what it is to be impossible
Creativity of what has not been created
Pulls at the notion of fabricating paradise
A gift that we all have
And something that we can never lose
So, Marvel at the music that we create

And dance to the songs that we have come to imagine.
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~
We are the music makers
We are the dreamers of dreams 
And we all are a little mad. 
– Quotes from Willy Wonka and Alice in Wonderland –


  1. I have a quote on my journal book that goes like this: “Blessed are the weird people…poets…misfits…writer…mystics…painters….troubadours-for they teach us to see the world through different eyes.” There is truth and beautiful magic in your poetry here Tony….truly lovely!! 🙂


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