What a tribute you are to the cosmic order of my reality

Take to the stars a queen that looks over the edges of my own self doubt
And one dives in a pool of one’s own lawless nirvana.
Can I follow her into this heaven?
Or will I forever be bound to the shadows of my own hunting fears
Your see, I am a man that fiends  
For In my dreams you are there  
And in the universe of our unity do you sit and do you smile at me
So, boldly will I let go
For I cannot live in a state of uncertainty
Nor can I dine at a table of everlasting worries
Even though I know it may seem daring
I cannot remain ignorant to what may exist
Thus, this is my act of valor to you
This is my stand of virtue for you
The nightingale that sings nightly within my celestial dreams.
~ Tony Paradise Poet ~


  1. The ideal of hope and love over fear can be true for those who imagine it as real and practice it as faith.. in what's truly real as in nature there is only fear where there is darkness in true fear of death.. and most everything else is light for life..where seagulls dare to soar..:)


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