The Eleventh Star – Night Sky Part 4

The stars would not have fell
If it wasn’t for her

The stardust wouldn’t have rain 
Throughout the cosmos 
If she did not appear

But now I am surrounded in a storm of a glisten wonder
That is eroding the eradicated land that I stand upon 

It seems as if fate aligned our worlds 
So that heaven could see an everlasting tempest
Bury itself within my essence

And to my discomfort It has 

Yet I don’t frown upon this charismatic aspects
Of which was held by a  lunar celestial goddess
One who scared the night sky 
So, that I would know beauty 

In a baron earth that I thought was ignorant to this characteristic 

 I simply see it as an agonizing gift that she left me with 
A daunting promise of remembrance 
As well as a piece of paradise that was created by God
With the purpose of intertwining our noble restless souls
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~

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