Chaos Among The Clouds

Fore forth is the sight of the rabbit hole
A birthright cascaded to the heels of chaos
Yet only bent by the false deity of time
And altered to the alter of space 
What lies are held in ones own life 
Together what history has been left by the ambition of one self-righteous  man 
Undoubtedly  culture is rich with a con full perception of ignorance  
But this comes from he who seems to be nothing more than a savage individual 
Though savagery can be somewhat liberating 
To those that have been drowned with an overwhelming sense of order
Unexplained notions of what must be done
Have carved it’s way into our ongoing draining vitality 
While brutality has become more of the norm.
Nevertheless I digress 
For ideas can move mountian
A simple word can slaughter legions
Fear is a god that loses it’s power if not believed in  
And I lay among the clouds 
Forever flowing as an obsever 
Until it rains or until the sunshines
Granted paradise is more the of a reality of one’s own outlook
In spite of that can you honestly tell me what real is
If we ourselves are no more than empty space

For a void that thinks for itself… Isn’t that divine 
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~

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