Fragmented Symmetry

Processing information the way I do has been rather irrational to some
For what lie the fields of my illusionary optic vision
Is common to the ways of ones unforsaken soul and un-waning heart
But foolishly seen as a lesser form of thinking to the modern man
Yet my eyes hold symmetry
That is unparalleled to them that find inelegances
As an eclipsing thought
I only see things fragmented; still these things persist with refinement
Because, by virtue beauty embraces all things
Therefore a luxury that a humble man would find himself undeserving of
And eternal grateful to
I call it the rarity of paradise
And it’s a heaven that I cannot look away from
Or willing ignore
For sacred geometry has embedded itself along the petals of a flower
While quantum mechanics remains atomically misconceived 
As a kaleidoscope of wonders
However, this mystery acknowledges  
That I am everything and everything is self
That you are everything and everything is him or her
I realized that I empathize too much
But I do not waiver in the way I feel
In view that a blind man can even see the beauty of creation
Through the action of a kind hearted individual
Remember innocence is never lost
We sometime just lose sight of our way
Making complex all that was once so simple and clean
Thus, I believe no man is evil
Though some may disagree due to historical events
And even if one may believe they are, and go out of their way to proof such belief
I stand by my testimony
So, look and understand that we are all just misunderstood
Trying hopelessly to find acceptance in this self-sacrificing life
From ourselves more so than others
Like a moon that shines in the grips of the night

That always strives to be the sun in the darkest hours of the world
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~


  1. Dear Tony Yang Sir, such is the beauty of creation that even when any matter is broken down to its smallest of molecules and atoms…symmetry is found everywhere. The smallest fragments may seem to have hold no value or meaning, yet when examined with a unified and a universal perspective of phenomena, inter-relation between them can be derived. In all our hopes, values, dreams and the way we are…there is a unison in a philosophical way, where segregation between the good and bad, the innocent and the corrupt, love and hate, and so on…may not be justified, for the divine purpose of creation is one and only one.


  2. Sage words of wisdom true..and the person who sees the details can one day see the whole..and it seems that both ways of seeing are the way to truth..for the smallest fractal to galaxies and UNI verse whole..:)


  3. many interesting thoughts here… i think life can only be understood with the heart… and we often try to explain the unexplainable with the little knowledge we have… a change of viewpoint helps sometimes


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