I have found the sound that matches your essence
One that is fierce and bold
Yet gentle and elegant
This sound bears markings of a storm
Much like a hurricane but it instills the tranquility of small pond
How could this be even more infused to the tantalizing stare
That peers from your eyes
A glare that holds a vortex of emotions
That is also bound to the soft untamed intensity that you display
And one that I think should always be forever free
If I could love again
I would immortalize your image
In the minds of all angels
So, that all of heaven could hold you as a paradigm to the grace of god.
Who knows?
Maybe one day I will
And this sound  I hear belonging to you will resonate profoundly
In my soul as it does from your heart

Generous I say is the universe
To have me to stumble upon such a surprising melody
For it is a harmonious vibration that I have come to adorn

~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~

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