Lilium’s Requiem

Let the perfect lily bleed
For as it dies so will the sorrows that I harbor
Those that illuminate within the wasteland of my heart
In which blooms within the fading glory of a daunting fragile light
No more is the sight of terror
In the eyes of he who is masochistic
But praises to his lords
And to the judges of his relinquished retired soul
For they are the gate keepers of his eternity  
One that is sought to be a labor of hell
And a longing reach for paradise.
I have seen the sacred scars of my everlasting damnation
Yet, I do not fear
A fraudulent view of discord
Not even one promised by an unknown god
For I am a master of my own cursed providence
And rather a demon or an angelic servant of a higher being
I thus walk shrewdly down my own forsaken path
Therefore, I care not of the hate that may come towards me
Nor of the love that may instill me
Only that I continue and that I endure
So that I will strive beyond death in spirit or other ways 
To transcend past this fleeting life
A life that is a draining flawless illusions of time
An appendix that will last only until the next moon
My dear dying lily
You are nothing
But, A silent note that belongs to a requiem

That breeds in the minds of those that are franticly conscious

       ~  Paradise’s Poet ~

Lilium, the Metaphor to my Life


  1. Deeply thought provoking lines you have here dear Tony Yang Sir, that discuss the fleeting nature of life, where the most sought after goal and purpose of life can be answered through self introspection and acceptance of the way things are and the way we are, even if we have to battle feelings of being forsaken on this journey, for just as a lily bleeds and fades and passes away, so shall we.


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