The Dragon That Dwells

The shifting swords that are seven of six and six of seven
Sit silently as seals
Switching the sacred scars between the secrets of our scorn symbols
So salvation’s broken stares may savor the sacrilege

For, the inferno falls to the fifth of four and the fourth of five
While finding false fiction in a frantic fabrication
Yet, what else is this feeble fable
But, a fantasy infused to fluorinate freely

Thusly, to the torment, time awaits trice of two and twice of three
To teach the trespassers of their transgressions
Therefore, may the teal of terror tremble timelessly
Throughout the untamed tapped tears of treason
And there once isolated will stand that which is one of one

The thief among thieves
And the holy treasure among kings
A vigorous vagrant that is vibrant among the clouds
Hence, those that wander within its wonder
Are only set to perceive the world in shades of gold

Now, Take of this fruit and a dragon shall appear
Know of this fruit and truth will dissipate its flames
As the levels of hell are beliefs alone to our perception
And of this perception the dragon is nothing

Nothing, but a reflection of our fears
So, to this reason paradise is not lost
It simply dwells within a conscious heart
That personifies the enlightenment of our minds

~ Paradise’s Poet ~



  1. Hells fury is described to instil fear, but then if it is a fear of the unknown…then why fear this dragon that dwells and resides in the lanes of our hearts…for that which is unknown, may be discovered and realized through conscious hearts to ascend to paradise, a paradise that isn't lost is the intricate thought emerging from your lines dear Tony Yang Sir.


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