A Gale Like Prism

The elemental outbrust claims forces broughtout by the winds of a hurricane
For they may carryout the sorrows of the past 
That sits within a lockhearted monsoon
Makeshifted unto the unknown whispers of tomorrow 
Those that fill the air with a gale like prism 
Akin to a gem that radiates with the color of green
Yet who could know all the hues that flood the sky
Under the heavens and among the heavens
And of the earth that bears scars towards that of a sacred tempest 
Unimportant I presume

Whereas I the forgotten votex of time
Looks forward as to dance with gusto in these cyclones of hell
That echoes with the drums of life left beathless by a careless tempo

Therefore, I stare recklessly at the typhoons that move with the same sinister notion as me 
Although, a breeze could clam my wild and untamed nature
The violent storm that rages within would not understand those gentle ways
Thus, condemning my essence to a whirlwind of emotions 
Marked with the same chaos that instill a lost zephyr 
You see
All I have herein this life lies forsaken within these winds
That sit above the clouds
Frozen in the stratosphere as a poetic ominous god 
So, Take my hand and I will show you how to fly 
Grab the diamonds that where mistaken as stars 
And we will drift attuned to an intertwining flow
One that sways with elegance between these everlasting unwavering winds

~ Paradise’ Poet ~


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