Like Lilies

Tremble at the gentle sounds of turmoil
That plays from the beating melody of your broken heart
Stand in the winter’s wind to embrace the lingering chill
Of that which was left by the frozen soul of a lost lover

As the moon eclipses our dearly departed promises
The sun sets with our beloved dreams

Together… yet alone
Do these shadows of sadness fulfill these lonesome tears, and in the night
Do we stare deeply into the memoirs of our eluding past
Hoping to hold onto desperately… those fleeting memories of joy

But a flower no matter how beautiful it maybe
Can never reclaim a petal once lost

So towards the shattered pieces, that we had once deemed as paradise,
Do we walk with sorrow
Along praying for the whispers of that misplaced love to bloom anew

Though time proves to be a well-known cruel god
Therefore in time, like lilies, do those moments wither and die
Thus all that is left is a reminiscing void
Cursed with the sinister will of a shallow faith that one may love again

Weary smiles befalls the fool
Foolish enough to lose themselves to that kind of madness
Weary fools… such as I

~ Paradise’s Poet ~


  1. At least the person in the poem loved instead of hiding away from it. It takes bravery to put yourself outhere. Some really lovely lines in this. the two couplets are outstanding. Spencer is Kanzensakura


  2. I think most of us can be included in the fool category when it comes to love. I really liked your line “But a flower no matter how beautiful it may be, Can never reclaim a petal once lost.” A very sensitive and poignant write…I enjoyed very much.


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