Clair De La Lune

Memories screaming from the piece of my fragmented heart
Left to distort the beloved field in view of my own piercing paradise
Are sinking swiftly in the forgotten ocean

Yet there you stand on sand haunting me
Holding me Abigail

To an everlasting moment that refuses to fade.

Although, my sweet Juliet,
The gemstone blessed with eyes filled with ecstasy
A trinket of your love quivers violently in time
Forcibly bending space towards your ungodly will

A shame that these tears I have for our misplaced passion should ever fall

But, what are we if not made humble to the thoughts of what could have been
And, to the fragile sights belonging to our own weaknesses, thereby of mine
What has always been and what always will be you Albina…

Steganography my treasured princess known as Venita

The Venus held as the Hera of a fool’s fortune
I asked for you to stay with me for one more night
In order to enchant me as you do,
As to wonder me with lust, as I knew you would leave soon

So, for a lifetime my consciousness could slip back into euphoria
To remain lost to an essence of what maybe as captivating as your name…
Thus evermore as eternal you are…Forever my dear Clair De La Lune

~ Paradise’s Poet ~

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