My Eve – The Morning Sun

It seems very extraordinary wouldn’t you say…
The way the sunlight brings relevance to the moonlight, and to this time in which you smile brightly therein
Paired with a compassionate breeze found frolicking within, thy hair, as we stare into this illuminated sky
My, who would have known that I could find bliss cascading from here among a morning shine

For, lost beneath the night sky was my heart thereby mortified, until the horizon beckoned a sunrise, and I…
I find it liberating, ever more intoxicating…that inebriating sight of a radiant new day
Where one may daydream, and as so sing with, the humble hummingbirds and bashful blue jays

… Lovely are they not?…
They, these earthly angels that give unto me life, while taking my breath away, as all begins to levitate
Having my mind to elevate beyond tidings once tied to nocturnal anomalies
Seeing as what lies apparent to me, is that I now walk confidently about heaven’s grace

Bountiful regarding its benevolence therefore, listen as golden nimbus clouds speak of our providence
Surely what’s more is a perceived perfectness relevant to an element of intelligence
Eloquent are the attributes regarding this elegance, that sits as a beacon calling out to a primal love

Soar with me, my dove, above the stratosphere where a god may roam and where I shall make a vow unto you
That this will be our haven, our vindication, along whatever maybe covered in a transparent blue
As a royal hue proclaims our destiny…you here with me will never be vanity
For how can it be…when the magic of the morn make sunny the brightness illuminating amidst your eyes

Let’s become relevant in time, labeled regal overly personified, a dream unto others like the stars in the night sky
Travel with me to a place where ocean waves clash of the color benign, like a paradigm quantum-ly amplified
No longer can I deny the persuasive touch belonging to the seductive daylight caressing nigh, and near to an edging dawn
Envision, my love, you and I  eloping together, between each Eden spotted blooming thereof a cosmic Babylon…

Dare to be, my Eve, my heliocentric heliotrope, thus I say, hallowed be thy halo…
Furthermore, hallowed be all the things that we may come to share
Kindred to an awaited summer’s kiss or perhaps akin to a lively dance upon the welcoming spring
Embedded wedding rings, or even an offspring, all things… all things under that ever-giving morning sun

~ Renee Verona – Paradise’s Poet ~

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  1. I wish, in my poetic innocence, I could absorb each word, each stanza with the compassion and comprehension they deserve. Be that as it may, each subsequent reading revealed a new depth. Even then, “…above the stratosphere where a god may roam and where I shall make a vow unto you” for me lends some astronomical dimension — almost some coordinate — for the location of a divine presence. Very creative.

    Liked by 1 person

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