Obsidian Sands

Upon these white sands where the shore crowned the ocean I have seen the end of my days
When the bow of Eros brakes in it’s many attempts to pierce my lonesome heart
Thus the conquest belonging to my downfall was forever inevitable,
Regrettable are these implanted memories regarding lost love that weighed heavy within my mind

Come and see there is so much more to see

In view a claymore evermore  buried beneath the red sands which burn with a passion
Instilling a compassion akin to war, as my emotions lie war torn,
Therefore, I dream dearly days similar to a yestermorn, for in that unforsaken morn, this revelation was not yet born
Henceforth, I mourn, weeping over the delusions tied to a false reality that I so adored, however do not pity me

Simply come and see there is so much more to see

You see somberly is the course, one of ebony and black sands
Harboring a feast containing glided empty plates, as I asphyxiate over oil and wine
An un-sated fool who scaled unevenly the concerning wages of an affectionate famine
Examine my eyes, therein embedded are impure crystals, and a obsidian soul unsatisfied
Broken thereby riven much like thee ocean’s tide, because of love a holy consecrated lie

This is why here I stand with sands colored pale underneath my feet
As I am hand guided by death to a wakeful oblivion, while staring into the eyes of Hades
Scrutinized for my ideals attributed to a deep fondness and one’s infatuation
To deviate from the norm as those who marveled at each other forever, fearing not the hands of a doomsday clock
Drink slowly this hemlock, as raven flock to scavenge off my remains… I am unbecoming, forwardly in sin
Come and see the final hour, it sits close to midnight, so short would be the time, our time… So be it my life

What was a sickness unto the lamb is no more,
A wild beast found ravaging the earth drown, so I  into my own discord

~ Ren’ee Verona – Paradise’s Poet ~

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  1. Such amazing imagery in this poem, Ren’ee, and in the contrast of the white and black sands. The repetition of ‘Come and see there is so much more to see’ is an echo throughout, which draws the reader into the poem, as do the internal rhymes.

    Liked by 1 person

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