A Hymn Of Light

A hymn of light to welcome me home where citadels glimmer gallantly of blue sigils, so vivified
That logically I must incline that this moment seems very much like a fantsized dream
For last I remember the chronicles I embarked upon had lingering signs pertaining to vitally
Therein, I should digress about my synthetic sins, however this view conspires with beauty, my friend

Envision a world forbidden and, therefore locked away
From the broken irises plaguing the narrow minds found within those corrupted mortal men
Moreover, let me describe unto you the magic brimming off heaven’s enchantments,

Thus, fabricate a miracle to realize the truth regarding this fascination…That

A gate encrusted with pearls is merely the beginning, simply an introduction preluding the immensity
Picture dimensional colors raining from an angelic ether, scaling the spiring atmosphere
With every shade mystic and arcane, free as if they were absolved out of the feeble prisms
That we ourselves often mistakenly imprison our fragile selves into

…Self-sealing gems we are, our transgressions lie as proof…

Nonetheless or nevertheless, I must continue foretelling solely, if only to enlighten you
That spellbinding art these astral temples covered in sapphire crystals echoing a diamonds charm
Concealing the revealing relic stones burning with an afterglow which, gives stars their fluorescent shine
Subsequently, Seers exist as flying spirits singing songs sanctifying solar, seraphic sanctuaries, thereby

I must admit man’s riches compared to this appears to be terribly dull, together surely irrelevant
As I ask who cares for gold when paradise sit at the ends of one’s fingertips
Visualize energy colliding with mending personas causing the pinnacle of a soul to levitate
Preordain to the ritual concerning life’s fatal exchange could this be our next profound consciousness

So, waits for me these ambient hues of heaven dancing majestically like beloved quantum fairies
Breathe with me, my last breath as I fade into ecstasy… A hymn of light to welcome me home
…I die my friend, but please forgive me as I leave you in this war filled world all alone…

~ Paradise’s Poet ~