To Drift Or To Shine

Of course I could write about her
I could make the heaven’s seem but a shadow to her image
The essence of beauty would cultivate in her eyes
And that which is love would shape the world around us

“My” “My” I say with a great sigh
The stars and the clouds share a similar life
To drift or to shine easily in time
As the objects of a lazy man’s jealous rhymes…

A notion full of grace like her
Yet she deters my sight from such envious wonders
So my hopeless act of daydreaming becomes a bit more vain

Still like a cloud I drift – away from versifying these unwritten words
That I have for this divine celestial star – that shines in the day
However, it may all be just another whimsical paradox belonging to this dreamer’s dream

Though she is nigh to my heart, for I am a fool that falls fast
Nevertheless she is the core sound to a symphony’s melody
Whose elegance gives poise to the moon on a subtle serene night

Therefore I will wait to see this lily bud bloom
And with this patience perhaps this flower would veer towards a color vibrant
One fabricated by virtue – at last
Held as the beloved lost poetry of an enchancting fair maiden

~ Paradise’s Poet ~



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