Shattered shards and shackles
Scattered and bounded to a soul so unfortunate
Lost to an off beat melody
That can still sound beautiful to a broken man’s mind

Its sort of like
Fallen cherry blossoms that seem more enchanting as they fall
Then when they bloom
A tragic whisper that is alluring to those that can understand
The tears of the dying sakura trees for they to have cried

But in an odd way this heart-rending act in life
Plays with such finesse that it captives
And tantalizing memories are formed somewhat everlasting
Equivalent is that of losing love

For it’s pivotal moment in every creatures existence

Perhaps without these un-savory moments
Or without these undesired scars
We wouldn’t know beauty
Because I believe that true beauty lies in the imperfection of all things

Maybe that’s why
We think it’s perfect in that abnormal hour when we think back
Or maybe this way of thinking is as outlandish as the emotion that I am seeking to inscribe…

….Foolishly described I guess
Yet these falling cherry blossoms that seem so tantalizing are scattered throughout
The memories that I have, and each petal to me is perfect

Each tragedy is just another beautiful scar

~ Paradise’s Poet ~

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