In favor of my last breathe I will speak the word indigo
Whereas, peerless is the sight of blue
Among the ocean and among the sky that rains down sapphire fragile tears

Applauded the encore belonging to a returning season of the royal hue…

As the wind carries away our burdens and ours woes dire intensity
Slowly, my cerulean princess dance along this river with me
Then gently sing to me vivified viridian vocals vindicating my lust for thee…

Hymns once tailored to an imperial degree

For, two times two spirits knew love to be painted teal underneath an iris moon
Therefore, with a timely finesse that held a tint dye celeste
Midnight daisies bloomed a perfect image and said image t’was you

Tranquil in the mind I have became violet as our wavelengths intertwine
Thus, Thine art mine…so thy heart will be immortalized
Forever and ever beyond that which is a never ending time…

…Benign, Flashback to a non-photonic view…

Where the electrical sparks struck that deep indigo sky
Having electromagnetic gems encrust the heavens with those sapphire like lies
And peerless to the sight of navy fireflies
A celestial angel would be the last and only image I see before I die

Because, it was  you the perfect image that painted this encore a cloudy violet hue
Thereby, beneath that moon gripping the tides of this ocean
A princess to love will dance immortal with the color….

~ Paradise’s Poet ~