Embody the seven seals
Sealing the echoing quatrains revealing the prophecy tied to revelation
Stare deep into the eyes of a white stead that screams vengeance
Throughout a great city known as Babylon

There a beast looked upon by seven stars and seven angels
Will bring war, famine, conquest signifying death cloak as the dreaded four horsemen
Thus, when the earth shakes his time nears
When the sun burns of black flames will the heavens cry celestial tears

Then will God grip lightning bolts, and from his wrath
A universal whisper akin to an electrical magnetic pulse is to come
A destructive wave destroying man’s cosmic satellite systems
Creating comets that claim attributes mimicking mesmerizing metallic meteorites

Therefore, in the days which knows the night chaos is to bloom – seven trumpets to sound
Announcing the sacrificial lamb to say that this is but, of the first seal

Those that are to be the fallen, upon their right hand as well as their foreheads
A man’s face which lies with gold will be imprinted
Whereas, in their works they only sought out the treasures of man
Thereby of their mind their mind’s eye became blinded by the gilt

The root of all evil potent symbolism making sense within a poet’s optic sight

A welcoming throne stained with genocide befitting an empathetic villain
Thee antichrist looms among thy soul…poor sinner held to the legion
One belonging to many, although many of one
Still, nature tends to sing in a form much like a duet…so; to change is but a simple act

For, I believe even Lucifer can appreciate the beauty of a butterfly
But, the devil tends to takes that beauty, and proceeds to strips away its life
These entities that we call everlasting rest only in our choices
Choosing as humans to personify them as to shed away some of our guilt

In regards to what one may have done or
Having the intelligence to know that one exist, however being unable to know truly why

Armageddon is an internal battle,
That if lost by too many of mankind could cause extinction to our species…
…Prophecy, the telling of destiny can be easier to see when someone’s hands are unclean

~ Paradise’s Poet ~