Mindless Meanings

How amusing is this misconception of memories
That lie maroon in the cortex of my mind
Perhaps this is a mishap of mindless meanings
That has found its way into one’s own madness
Delightful it can be, yet it is staged on a platform of that is deemed malevolent
And when the curtain drops, and the thought is at the door of dismay
Maintaining a sense of manners will be all to motiving
Because malice will reign as the mighty
More so will the misleading murmurs of thy own cry for mercy
And to the demons that muck about in our dreams
This display of mourning will manifest as a mecca
Leading as the reason why they cheer
Yet an man marked of merit can look pass the monotonous strife of his past
And move meticulously though the sorrows of
The misinterpretations of a mystical unknown morrow
Thus I will put this mutiny-ness course of action
In the dead of silence and watch as it becomes meek and low
As I stand as tall as a mountain top
I will be elevated beyond mischief and misconduct
For I will be the moon that controls the tides of my own microcosmic world

~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~