Be with me in this moment where I let go of all the anxiety lying dormant within my mind
Dream with me for a time wherein a time the ocean’s waves carried away my fears
So, that we may see tomorrow together, gazing upon a sunrise ever so anew
Blessing an open blue sky, reflecting what is known to be heaven’s glory unto your eyes

Embrace that angelic halo that you bare, as I give to you pieces of my fragmented heart
Hesitantly, as if they were fragile petals to a lily found riven, and forsaken

Forbore this retribution that screams with a turquoise tranquility as our particle infuse
Dancing to the sounds pertaining to serenity subjected to your beauty, majestically
For of my fantasies, you may be, therefore I linger dearly by this optic maybe, possibly
To forget what could never be, or just perhaps to permit a perchance…as I look to you and see…

As I chase way these sleepless nights filled with my daydreams,
Those decorated with an impartial impression label vivid, while diamond-studded stars ignite the somber nights
That fades like our soberness when we give into merry thoughts lost to a blooming chemistry
Dressed, thereof an alchemist’s gold that, which locks souls, quantumly toward a binary wanderlust
Is it sinful, the fact, with lust do I wonder about this prolonged infatuation, that I hoped would hint of sentiments sighting love

Walk with me during this  fall season, out into this benevolent world, where canary yellow tree leaves flood the earth
Gilding the ground you stand upon in a divine hue,
As that beloved sun sets, having the twilight fabricate our imagination;… in your arms I noticed that I am intoxicated
Overwhelmed by the colors characterizing an autumn’s day bridging a friendship to last a lifetime
I just want you to visualize this painting depicting a tale translating a story of you and me
That some would call prophecy, but something which we needed time to realize that this feeling was meant to be

Gentle and gentle still

The ambiance, a bit more delicate, than elegant, however, admired just the same
Adored for being, rather than having as all forever should… what you remind me of poetry
A muse scripted in my book of life as an inspiration riddled with the secrets concerning my affections
Tsubaki, my spring listen, hear the void as we sit in silence merely enjoying each others company
As, we find laughter amidst the memories that we have created, as we find what we have always been looking for

Nothing echoing perfection, only the virtues of…
Dream with me a maybe, and maybe we will no longer have to dream…just maybe… maybe we will just simply be

~ Renee Verona – Paradise’s Poet ~

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