Inner Dialogue – Jewels Of Heaven

1 You know as well as I do, That there is nothing left of my affectionate soul.
2 Do you really believe that? 
1 Yes, for I have been lost for many years, and still I have yet to be found
Unfortunate It may seem, but I like it better this way 
2 And why is that? 
1 Because he who is unfound is unbound, and there is no bonds that he may suffer from. 
2 But, don’t you wish to love?
1 … I have loved once. I gave all my heart to the stars, yet time came to pass, and I was forsaken. I blame that calamity on the short comings of my youth, but not the stars, For who can place blame on the jewels of heaven.
2 Tragic… my sympathies 
1 That won’t be needed, as I said before there is nothing left of what was
2 Nonsense, surely you still love?
1 Only the stars held my heart … all else seems somewhat vain. And now the veil of vanity lingers over what once was the core of my compassion. Although, If I was to love again, there would only be one way to do so. 
2 And what way would that might that be, if I may ask?
1 …I would have to reach heaven. 
For my heart could never depart from that which it loved, even if was abandoned…
Isn’t it foolish?
2  Yes, but far from treacherous 
1 …..The stars burn bright tonight
2 So, does your love that you still have for them.
~ Tony Paradise’ Poet ~