There was once a time when I knew the edges of space 
And there I stood at the gates belong to 
That which some would call heaven 
Though at that time I was, but a child 
And because of my innocence; I only knew ignorance
Even at that moment when I was prevalent with an ongoing lack of knowledge
My heart always perceived what was just 
But in the ages that I have come to know 
My thoughts have become stained with the horrors of the world 
Therefore, I took this innocence that I was once familiar with
And locked it away, so a part of me would remain forever pure and virtuous  
Yet I knew not that I had hid away the greatest gift 
That all souls perpetually hold
I understood nothing at that time 
And this may explain why I give up my heart to learn of my own exsitence 
Although now I have became empty again, 
For I have lost all sense of self, and all the knowledge that I possess seems vain 
…All but the piece of me that was properly disendowed 
Forsaken so long ago 
Was this light of a universal cosmic abyss 
A piece of paradise that has always remained so wisely naive

And one that I must now reclaim.

~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~