On a canvas that sits idle in my quiet chamber
I will color crimson a complex coat of red
Thus, upon a moment inked vividly with passion
Pastel paint shall cover this portrait outlined with lead

There a stroke of intimacy laced by the lovely lips of lilies
A bed of tulips to love my dandelion the ferocious daisy…

That was drawn as a cherry blossoms onto my heart
And of that bud bloomed beautiful an acrylic boundless universe
Stained with the watercolors of liquid star riches
Which above the sky drew your temporal image

Therefore, Mix hot wax and oil to brush away the imperfections
Stencil in the winged messengers that fly with their triumphant trumpets
Then in a step back admire the she to inspire the world

Benign may it be benevolent
This imitation that I call art
A forgery to glorify a flawless living masterpiece whereof my aspiration
Etched from my enamel thoughts

My, I fear this painting will never know what it means to be complete

For in the eyes of an artists his work is always lacking
But you my dear lie transfixed in a realm without a blemish or a tear
The joys of my torment crafting something that must go undone

Such is life I guess so magnificent yet, so unfair

~ Paradise’s Poet ~